EU Ministers Seek Trump-Style Border Walls Amid Spike In Illegal Border Crossings

And Biden build a wall/fence around his personal home to keep the unwanteds out. 

But doing so along the Rio Grande is racist. 

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Some members of the European Union are calling for the body to support renewed construction of border barriers as Europe has seen a rise in illegalborder crossings in recent months.

On Jan. 21, 26 European Union members and envoys for Switzerland and the United Kingdom visited Greece, where Greek Citizens’ Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos showed them a still expanding border wall and called for EU support in growing and maintaining that border security measure.

“The task [of protecting the border] needs the support … of European public opinion, the European Union itself and its constituent members individually,” Theodorikakos said.

“It is our steadfast position that member states of first reception cannot be [the migrants’] only European destinations.”

“There must be solidarity among member-states and a fair sharing of duties … close coordination is a must,” he added.

Greece currently has 17 miles of barriers along its border, and Theodorikakos recently announced plans to add about 87 more miles of barriers in 2023. On Jan. 7, Theodorikakos said construction is already moving forward on the first new sections of wall construction, which will cover nearly 22 miles.

Greece’s border wall consists of rows of 16-foot vertical steel beams, topped with an anti-grip metal scaling barrier and razor wire.

Former President Donald Trump pursued a similar wall design during his presidency, which used 18- to 30-foot steel beams topped with a metal plate.