Erpelding gives Idaho D’s hope


Remember this name: Rep. Mat Erpelding of Boise. The 41-year-old assistant House minority leader is going to be around for a long time, and he gives Democrats potentially a bright star for the future. It’s far too early to label him as a serious contender for a high office, such as governor, or the U.S. Senate. But Erpelding is the kind of person that Democrats should be promoting. He’s young, bright, thoughtful and has sharp communication skills – a package not always found in candidates from either party. Democrats often field a list of political unknowns who magically surface as candidates for the highest offices, such as A.J. Balukoff (governor) and Nels Mitchell (U.S. Senate) in the last election cycle. Then they just as quickly disappear after getting trashed by Republicans in November. Erpelding is different.

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