Dutch School Picture Day Held During Ramadan, Forced to Pay Muslim Families 500 Euros Each

Thou shalt not take photos during the Holy Month of Ramadan. 

There’s a clear separation of church and state. No one of Islam and state…

Back in 2015, a school in the Netherlands was hit with a lawsuit from Muslim parents after their children couldn’t participate in their class picture day, because the date of the picture was during Ramadan.

Now, the court overseeing the case says the Maria Montessori School in the Hague has to pay each family 500 Euros because of discrimination. It could have been worse. The parents of the two girls had originally sued the school for 10,000 Euros.

According to Heat Street:

The lawyer of the two girls, Laura Zuydgeest, said the situation was a clear case of school engaging in discrimination against its Muslim pupils because they were the only ones affected.

The school insisted it had tried to schedule the class photo day for a morning, when the girls would be able to attend, but the photographer was only available at a later time – when the girls and their mother were at the Mosque for prayers.