Donald Trump joins Democrats in post-Orlando gun control push

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Well, what do you expect. He is a New York liberal after all. From The Washington Times

Brushing aside warnings that they’ll tip off terrorists to secret investigations, Democrats pressed ahead Wednesday with plans for new gun controls after the Orlando shooting, and even enlisted an unlikely potential ally — Donald Trump, who said he’s open to a discussion about banning firearm sales to those on the government’s no-fly list.

Sen. Chris Murphy, Connecticut Democrat, launched a nearly 15-hour quasi-filibuster on the Senate floor to draw attention to the issue, saying Congress should stop its business until it votes to impose tighter gun controls.

“I’m prepared to stand on this floor and talk about the need for this body to come together on keeping terrorists away from getting guns for, frankly, as long as I can,” Mr. Murphy said. “I know that we can come together on this issue.”

After an Islamist terrorist killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 in a gay Orlando nightclub over the weekend, both Democrats and Republicans are looking to “do something” — and guns have become an expedient target.

Democrats have revived their legislation to use terrorist watch lists to vet would-be gun buyers, implying Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, could have been kept from buying the firearms he used in his rampage.