DOJ to question senior CIA officials regarding origins of Russia probe

AP19158550963068 1 670x437This is a big deal. The Democrats in the House won’t ask, so the DOJ will. 

This goes to the heart of the question: did the FBI go on a witch hunt to derail Trump’s candidacy? That should concern every American, not just Republicans. 

The interviews come after President Trump empowered the attorney general to declassify major players involved in the Mueller report.

“The Mueller report, I wish, covered the origins of how it started — the beginnings of the investigation and how it started — it didn’t cover that,” explained the president. “This has been a very bad thing for the United States…it’s been a total waste of time.”

Barr’s “all encompassing” review aims to uncover how the Obama-era FBI and CIA came to the conclusion that Russian operatives aided the Trump campaign in the 2016 elections.