Democrats condemn Sorensen’s remarks

Here’s the real question: who did they vote for? It’s one thing to condemn someone’s hatred. It’s another thing not to vote for them. 

We’ll count the Latah County votes tonight and see how many Democrats support Sorensen anyway. 

Fellow Moscow Democrat David Nelson, running for Idaho State Senate, was also in attendance and said Sorensen’s remarks were not conducive to productive discourse.

“The basis of my campaign has been to be a senator to represent all people in Benewah and Latah County, and part of listening is not calling people names – because people close their ears and conversations stop,” Nelson said. “What Ms. Sorensen has done by essentially calling names is wrong.”

While McNeil noted Sorensen has since apologized to Nilsson Troy, she condemned the remarks themselves.
“I wouldn’t support anybody calling anybody names – that’s a simple fact,” McNeil said.

Democratic candidate for District 5’s other seat in the State House, Margie Gannon, D-St.Maries, said the comment does not represent her views or those of other Democrats. She said she reached out to Nilsson Troy following the episode to voice her concern and regret.

But did you still vote for her?