Democratic party says it’s considering changes to caucuses

This is a move that was initiated by the Bernie supporters. More moves to corral then into Hillary’s camp. 

The head of the state Democratic party says that next year, party leaders will look into moving away from using the caucus system to allocate delegates to the national convention.

Party Chairman Jaxon Ravens was met by loud cheers when he told hundreds of people gathered at the state party convention that “it’s very clear that we’ve outgrown the precinct caucus process.”

He said that while the party is committed to maintaining opportunities for voters to talk with their neighbors about issues that they care about, they will form a subcommittee to explore a different process.

Currently, Democrats only use the precinct caucuses, which Bernie Sanders won in March, to allocate their delegates. Republicans this year used the statewide presidential primary, which was won by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in May.

Via the Associated Press