Covington High School Student’s $275M Lawsuit Against NBC Universal To Proceed

2019 01 18 Sandmann Phillips

He should be able to file against all media outlets who ran the story, as a minor who was not a public figure, for libel. 

NBC Universal is a great start. 

16-year-old Nicholas Sandmann is one step closer to justice after experiencing a vicious attack by mainstream media. On Saturday, lawyers for the student stated Judge William Bertelsmann allowed Sandmann’s $275 million lawsuit against NBC Universal to proceed to the pretrial phase, where he can begin gathering evidence for his case.

The same judge previously dismissed similar suits Sandmann had filed against The Washington Post and CNN. The student’s lawyers noted the new decision is a major win.

“What The Washington Post did is…admitted that the statements that Nathan Phillips had made, that Nicholas Sandmann had blocked and intimidated him, were false,” said attorney Todd McMurtry. “They stated those retractions in their newspaper and online.

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