College learning takes 2.76 hours/day

The general rule of thumb regarding college studying has been that for each hour they spend in class, students should spend approximately 2-3 of study time. So if you are taking a 15 hour load, you should be in class 15 hours/week, and studying 30-45 hours/week over and beyond that.

Is there any doubt why our graduates come out about as smart as they go in?

“The average full-time college student spends only 2.76 hours per day on all education-related activities,” according to a Heritage study. No wonder few complete a four-year degree in four years, write Lindsey Burke, Jamie Bryan Hall and Mary Clare Reim.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s American Time Use Survey from 2003–2014, full-time college students average 1.18 hours in class per day and 1.53 hours studying for a total of 19.3 hours per week.

By contrast, they spend 31 hours a week on socializing and recreation.

Sixty percent of full-time college students have jobs, Heritage reports. They average 16.3 hours per week of work. That doesn’t add up to a very tough schedule, the authors point out. “Why are taxpayers heavily subsidizing a period in some people’s lives when combined education and work efforts are at their lowest?”

Via Joanne Jacobs