CNN Tries To Get Trump Kicked Off Twitter. Twitter Responds By Pointing And Laughing At CNN.

CNN Tries To Get Trump Kicked Off Twitter. Twitter Responds By Pointing And Laughing At CNN.

Over the weekend, CNN’s Brian Stelter, who is overjoyed to cash massive checks from the very company that sponsored President Trump’s nightly on-stage assassination, ran crying and screaming to tell on President Trump. After Trump tweeted out an epic video that showed him giving CNN a WWE style beatdown, via email, Stelter immediately tattled to Twitter.


After the most disastrous and humiliating month any media outlet has suffered since 2004’s Rathergate, President Trump believes, and does so correctly, that he has the upper-hand on CNN. Even more than the rest of the media, CNN has lost all of its moral authority, and Trump knows it. And so because it his nature and because he knows this is one of the big reasons we elected him president, Trump is going in for the kill.

Those dismissing Trump’s WWE tweet just don’t get it. Ridicule is the most powerful political weapon there is. Ridicule diminishes and makes small, it turns its intended target into a punchline; it ensures its intended target is never taken seriously again. After a series of unfathomable mistakes and fumbles from CNN over the past few weeks, Trump’s open contempt for the last-place cable news network is a boot on the neck meant to make sure CNN stays down.

And in their response to that hilarious WWE tweet, CNN once again fell directly into Trump’s trap. Not only did the left-wing cable news network hysterically overreact and try too hard by pretending Trump’s tweet would inspire violence against journalists (after your company sponsors Trump assassination-porn that complaint is only going to pull into a town called Nowheresville), CNN also tattled to Twitter! CNN wanted Trump silenced, wanted the President of the United States booted off of social media!

Stelter actually sat around for six full hours only to be informed of the obvious.

Only Trump could make CNN look even more ridiculous than it already did.