Clinton: Trump would destroy economy, send U.S. back into recession

So when it comes to the economy, should we trust the soft-socialist who’s never made a profit a day in her life? Or the billionaire who knows how to make a buck? DEM 2016 Clinton JPEG 08976 c0 405 3650 2532 s561x327

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump’s economic plan and said the billionaire would lead the U.S. back into recession — the latest step in a coordinated assault designed to turn Mr. Trump’s strength into a liability during the presidential campaign.

Speaking in Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. Clinton said her Republican opponent’s claim that he’ll boost the economy, raise wages and create jobs is a lie. Her attacks on virtually every facet of Mr. Trump’s economic platform — from taxes to a vow to repeal Obamacare to plans to tackle America’s mounting debt — painted a bleak, almost apocalyptic picture of what a Trump economy might look like.

“Trump would throw us back into recession,” Mrs. Clinton said during her stop in Ohio, a key battleground state. “Trump would take us back to where we were before the [2008 financial] crisis. He’d rig the economy for Wall Street again. Well, that will not happen on my watch, I can guarantee you.”

The Clinton strategy of taking economic knowledge and business acumen, Mr. Trump’s supposed strengths, and turning them into weaknesses is reminiscent of Democrats’ 2012 playbook against Republican nominee Mitt Romney. A successful businessman, Mr. Romney instead found himself on the defensive on the economy, dogged by charges that he made a fortune while outsourcing jobs and taking advantage of the middle class.

Mr. Trump wasted little time in firing back Tuesday, using a barrage of tweets to take aim at Mrs. Clinton’s own economic policy and her ongoing email scandal.

“How can Hillary run the economy when she can’t even send emails without putting [the] entire nation at risk?” Mr. Trump said, following it up by blasting Mrs. Clinton’s immigration plan.

“Hillary Clinton’s open borders immigration policies will drive down wages for all Americans — and make everyone less safe,” he said.

Via The Washington Times