Clinton could struggle due to low African-American turnout

African-American voters are reliable Democrats, a key part of the party’s base and a valuable constituency in swing states like North Carolina and Florida. 

But they don’t appear to be turning out in high numbers during early voting, which could be bad news for Hillary Clinton. 

Just 15 percent of the electorate in Florida so far is African-American, compared to 2012 when African-Americans comprised 25 percent of the electorate. Black turnout is down 16 percent in North Carolina. Democratic turnout is also low in majority black areas in Ohio. 

African-American voters overwhelmingly supported Clinton in the Democratic primary. 

Bernie Sanders supporters are hoping their long-shot bid for the presidency gets a jolt from Clinton’s recent email news.

Young evangelicals are caught between Trump and Clinton, two candidates that are unpalatable for different reasons. 

church was burned in Mississippi and pro-Trump graffiti was spotted.

The polls open nationally in 5 days. Let’s get started.

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Via McClatchy