Climate Alarmists Try To Redefine What A Hurricane Is So We’ll Have More Of Them

Progressives think that by lowering the bar, we’re actually making progress. 

This is like changing the SAT average scores so our graduates don’t look stupid compared to 40+ years ago. 

This op-ed from IBD points out what we have been saying for years, that even though there is no trend in hurricane frequency of intensity, alarmists like Mashable’s Andrew Freedman are trying to get the definition of a hurricane redefined, so that the trend will become a positive one. Recall that hateful science blogger Greg Laden asked Should There be a Category 6 for Hurricanes? after super typhoon Haiyan hit in 2013, something that ABC news opined had “already happened” without one shred of evidence to back up that opinion for a Category 6 storm. They also note:

Only three Category 5s have come ashore in the United States in the past century — the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, Camille in 1969 and Andrew in 1992.

But because of man-made global warming, most hurricane scientists say now we will probably be getting Category 4 and 5 hurricanes more frequently in the coming decades.

But, that hasn’t happened so far, there is no trend for all hurricanes or tropical storms since 1970, if anything, there is a slight downward trend:


While there is a slight upward trend in Major hurricanes of 96 knots or greater (Cat 3,4,5 on bottom of graph below) some of the may have to do with better reporting on wind speeds as satellite data has now come into play for determining windspeed, something that wasn’t around in 1970:


Add to that, 30 peer reviewed studies show no connection between climate change and hurricanes