Chris Matthews Surprisingly Skeptical on Court Ruling on Immigration Order

NewImageMatthews: the courts “have gotten into somebody else’s marmalade here”. Via LI

Wait a second: was that Sean Hannity on Fox News? Nope, it was Chris Matthews on MSNBC last night, expressing surprising skepticism over the 9th Circuit’s decision to uphold the stay of President Trump’s executive order on immigration.Matthews made a multi-pronged attack on the ruling.

  • Matthews suggested political motives on the part of the Court:”so much of this court ruling is based on what they think about Trump.”
  • He called it “an odd ban on Muslims if it doesn’t include 95% of Muslims.”
  • Matthews suggested that the ruling would not have gone 3-0 against the order if it had been heard in another [less liberal] Circuit court.
  • Matthews repeatedly attacked the court’s reliance on the fact that we haven’t been attacked by people from the countries included in the order. He argued that you couldn’t predict the future, pointing out that no one from Egypt had attacked the US before Mohamed Atta did on 9-11, and no one from the West Bank or Jordan before Sirhan Sirhan assassinated RFK.
  • Matthews was dubious about the court extending equal protection rights to non-Americans who are not in the country.