Case against Greg Craig ramps up, prosecution says Obama-era official deliberately lied


Prosecutors are making their case against former White House counsel Greg Craig. During the trial Tuesday, the prosecution alleged the Obama-era official attempted to deceive Justice Department officials during their investigation. They said Craig wanted to avoid registering as a foreign agent regarding his work for a Ukrainian-influenced project in 2012.

Prosecutors are now asking the jury to rule that Craig provided false statements to investigators. They said he was deliberately dishonest in his effort to cover up his misconduct.

Meanwhile, Craig has continued to claim his innocence throughout the process. The former Obama-era White House counsel made this statement regarding the case:

“I did not participate in a scheme to mislead the government or conceal material facts. I was always honest about the reasons for my contacts with the media. This prosecution is unprecedented and unjustified. I am confident that both the judge and the jury will agree with me.”

Craig was indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller and jurors heard from members of the probe, including Paul Manafort’s deputy Rick Gates. If convicted in the case, Craig faces up to five years in prison as well as a $250,000 fine.

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