Cal State Long Beach Now Acting as a Sanctuary Campus

“list of demands has also been presented”

Cal State Long Beach acts as de facto sanctuary campus – The College Fix

California State University, Long Beach is operating as a “sanctuary campus” in everything but name “for fear of retaliation from the federal government,” the president of the university recently told the school’s newspaper. President Jane Conoley informed the Daily 49er of the policy after a pro-immigration protest on Cal State Long Beach’s campus.


The protesters, made up of “students, faculty, alumni, staff and community members,” demanded that the university “provide legal counsel for undocumented students on campus,” hire new staff for the DREAM resource center, “demilitarize” the campus police by taking away their riot gear and assault rifles, and prevent ICE and Homeland Security agents from coming to career fairs. They also added a demand for a BDS resolution to boycott any business that has a link to Israel.

The list of demands has also been presented as a petition to President Conoley on the website

Cal State Long Beach is no stranger to pro-immigrant efforts. A few years ago a professor offered a class explicitly for undocumented students that included a three-week-long trip to Mexico. The same year, the pro-immigrant “Dream Success Center” was opened on campus, with ongoing costs – including a full-time coordinator for the 650 undocumented students – running $80,000 a year according to the 49er.