Busted! Cory Booker comes out swinging against DeVos, but there’s a BIG problem

More of the duplicity of the partisans. 



Sen. Cory Booker on Twitter

To all who are angry or frustrated about today’s vote confirming DeVos, please know: the vote may be over, but our fight must continue. https://t.co/QHFveiRv9d

So this makes it awkward. 


Charles C. W. Cooke on Twitter

The fight.” Booker worked with DeVos and called her organization “incredible.” He used to speak at her events, too. https://t.co/xOXNBVG7wS

Then they pull out the WayBack Machine: 

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100 Proof on Twitter

@charlescwcooke https://t.co/igjCQeg5qL

just alan on Twitter

@SenBookerOffice You were happy to work with her not that long ago. What changed? You running for president?

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