Britain’s first pregnant man gives birth to a baby girl after conceiving using a sperm donor he met on Facebook

There’s a ton wrong with just the headline. 

Why did he have to get sperm from a man? Why didn’t he just use his own?

Oh…wait, cause SHE ain’t a man.

From the UK Daily Mail

Britain’s first pregnant man has given birth to a girl, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Hayden Cross was born a girl and was legally male when he paused transgender hormone treatment to conceive using a sperm donor he had met on Facebook.

The former Asda worker, 21, made headlines around the world and provoked an ethical debate when he announced his pregnancy in January – thought to have been the first case of its kind in the UK.

Last night his family confirmed he had given birth to a girl, Trinity-Leigh Louise Cross, on June 16, and said both were healthy and doing well. It means Mr Cross has become the first known transgender man to give birth in Britain.