Breitbart reports on “Bird-dogging” at Trump Rallies

Foval is an expert at “creating ” media events to make opponents look bad.

Foval also tells Project Veritas’s undercover journalist that Republicans are less adept at such tactics because they obey rules: “They have fewer guys willing to step out on the line for what they believe in. … There is a level of adherence to rules on the other side that only when you’re at the very highest level, do you get over.”

In another video, Foval admits that his organization is responsible for an incident in Asheville, North Carolina in September, where an elderly woman was allegedly assaulted outside a Trump rally.

In that incident, the 69-year-old woman, wearing an oxygen tank, heckled a visually impaired 73-year-old Trump supporter, then pursued him. She claimed he then punched her in the jaw, though she had no visible injury; his attorney claims she touched him on the shoulder first, and then fell to the ground as he turned around. The national media covered her claims widely, while largely ignoring his. Foval explains that the woman had been “trained” as a part of his operation.

Foval also explains how the operation is set up to allow the DNC and the Clinton campaign “plausible deniability” in the event that the true nature of the deliberate violence is discovered: “The thing that we have to watch is making sure there’s a double-blind between the actual campaign and the actual DNC and what we’re doing

James O’Keefe from Project Veritas says that if the media covered these videos like they covered the Trump Tape “I guarantee you Trump would win the election”.

O’Keefe talks about the media:

“Trump is a proxy vote,” he continued. “Even if you don’t like Trump per se, personally, he’s the proxy vote against the corrupt media and complacent Establishment because if Trump were to get in, these journalists would lose all their access. They would not be able to have their status quo, and it is literally a fight for their very survival.”

He said mainstream media reports understand that if Trump wins, “they’re sidelined, and they have no power, and they’re panicking right now.”

There is an army of people hammering the media with these stories, but the media, even maybe Fox, is not covering it (yet). O’Keefe speculates that they are afraid of retaliation from a Clinton government. I have personally seen the equivalent thing occur with heads of some of Australia’s largest corporations who said “Labor have long memories”.

“Here’s the thing that didn’t exist eight years ago. Right now, on Twitter, it’s nothing short of a phenomenon,” he said. “I have never, ever seen anything like this. I mean, ten thousand Twitter followers a day, and there’s like thirty thousand people on Reddit – an army who are just tweeting at journalists and emailing journalists, flooding their inboxes: ‘Why the hell aren’t you covering this?’ That didn’t exist. That did not exist eight years ago. We did not have this type of army.”

He expressed some disappointment with Fox News and other outlets that might normally have been willing to break from the mainstream media herd.

“My sources have told me this story was spiked by major – I don’t want to call them ‘friendly,’ but people who you’d think would be friendly to our type of journalism,” O’Keefe revealed. “This story was spiked, last minute, by corporate people. And the reason why they spiked it, I suspect, is because they’re afraid of retaliation and retribution from a Department of Justice, whether a future Hillary Clinton administration, or a current White House Department of Justice.”

Corruption is everywhere.