Biracial Winner of Miss Black U. Texas Contest Criticized as Not Black Enough

Obama is half-white and half-black. But he looks black. 

Miss Black University of Texas is half-white and half-black, but she doesn’t look black enough to satisfy many. 

That, and you can be white and call yourself black, making it all good. But be bi-racial and that’s not good enough. 

Crazy times we live in. 

‘Not black enough?’ Biracial winner of Miss Black University of Texas draws backlash | Life | Dallas News

Rachael Malonson has always struggled with her biracial identity. After being crowned Miss Black University of Texas, social media users attacked her for the way she looks. Malonson is not letting it ruin her moment, though. “For me, I’ve always had to battle ‘I’m not black enough.’