Barbra Streisand urges Obama to bypass Senate, appoint Supreme Court justice unilaterally

Via the Washington Times:

There’s been no word so far from Barbra Streisand on whether she will make good on her pledge to leave the country, but she does want President Obama to bypass the Senate and appoint a Supreme Court justice before leaving office.

Ms. Streisand is championing a White House “We the People” petition calling on the Democratic president to appoint Merrick Garland without the confirmation of the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans.

“If you are concerned about the Supreme Court, please consider going to this website and signing a petition asking President Obama to ‘appoint’ Merrick Garland,” said Ms. Streisand on Facebook.

“According to the Washington Post, he has the power to do this since Congress has refused to vote, and apparently that can be considered a waiver of its rights to advise and consent,” she said.

Her Washington Post citation referred to an April 8 op-ed by Gregory L. Diskant, a national board member of the liberal advocacy group Common Cause, who argued that the Senate would have “waived its right” to confirm a justice if it failed to do so in a “reasonable amount of time.”