Bakers Refuse To Make Trump Cake For 9-Year-Old Boy

We do not have a right to someone else’s labor. This cake shop should not be forced to bake a cake for the boy; and bakers should not be forced to bake a cake for a homosexual marriage. A Jewish deli should not be forced to cook a BLT; a Muslim deli should not be forced to cook pork ribs; …

Dylan Harbin aka “Pickle,” the 9-year-old from California who became famous when Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read his fan letter to President Trump, is already on the wrong end of the intolerant brutality one faces in America when you are guilty of WrongThink. Last week, in the obvious hope he did not exist, the mainstream media, in the form of the leftwing Washington Post, hunted Dylan down. The Post also reported that, when Dylan asked for a “Donald Trump cake” for his birthday, his mother “made him one herself, because she couldn’t find a bakery willing and able to do it.”

Hmmm… Bakers were unwilling to bake a certain type of cake. How so very interesting.

According to a blog post written by Michael P. Farris of the Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization that protects the conscience of Christian bakers who do not want to participate in the sacramentalization of sin inherent in a same sex marriage, the “cake shops declined Pickle’s order for conscience reasons[.]”

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  1. Jewish delis are not forced to cook BLTs. However, if they so choose to cook BLTs, they are not allowed to deny homosexuals from buying them. As a smart guy it’s surprising that you don’t understand discrimination. A baker who bakes wedding cakes should do his / her job and if they’re against interracial marriage because they believe “it’s against God’s will” and they refuse service to an interracial couple, then they best be prepared for a court ruling against them.

    1. You didn’t reply to the content of this article: the baker refusing to make a Trump cake for a 9-year-old boy.

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