Former Democrat Senate leader warns against push for 70% tax rate

Read between the lines here. Harry Reid warns against “radical change quickly.” 

What he is pushing for is radical change less quickly. 


A former Democrat Senate majority leader is warning against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to raise taxes.

In an interview published Sunday, Harry Reid suggested those backing a 70-percent marginal tax rate have to be careful because the American people do not want “radical change quickly.”

Under Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal, Americans earning more than $10 million a year would see their income tax rate skyrocket from the current 37-percent.

Some on the left have used Denmark as the model for raising income taxes on the upper class, which tax activists have argued would actually take a toll on the middle class.

Ocasio-Cortez has continued to push for radical changes, which is something that veteran lawmakers, including her own party, have warned against pushing for.

This comes as the 2020 elections are right around the corner, where many progressive Democrat candidates could use this tax proposal as a campaign platform.

Former Democrat Senate leader warns against push for 70% tax rate

Honduran Border Police arrest organizer of new migrant caravan for warrant on rape charge

The new migrant caravan from Honduras is off to a bad start after one of its leaders was arrested for having a rape warrant dating back to 2015.

Juan Molina, who was identified as one of the caravan’s main organizers, was reportedly caught at a national police checkpoint and taken into custody on Monday.

President Trump responded to the news of the latest migration effort by slamming Central American countries for doing nothing to stop the trend.

“Honduras is not helping us, they could stop it, we send them hundreds of millions of dollars a year — El Salvador, Honduras and other places…Guatemala — hundreds of millions, but they don’t help us like so many nations, we help them, they don’t help us,” he stated.

Honduran Border Police arrest organizer of new migrant caravan for warrant on rape charge

Critics accuse De Blasio of communism for plan to seize private property in N.Y.C

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is coming under fire for his plan to seize privately owned-buildings. His comments last week are now making headlines after city officials revealed they are actively looking to seize control of up to 40 structures.

De Blasio’s opponent in the 2017 mayoral race, Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis, has blasted the plan as “straight communism.” Malliotakis is the daughter of Cuban immigrants and said her first reaction to this plan was asking the question: “Is this communist Cuba?”

White House Press Secretary dismisses impact of government shutdown on economy

Have you felt the shutdown? 

“I know there has been some impact, but at the same time, again, we are focused on the long term economic principles that the president has laid out, whether it is through deregulation, tax cuts that have helped give us the booming economy that we have,” stated Sanders. “We know that wages are still rising and that unemployment is still at the lowest that it has been, historically, and those are good things for this country and things that we are going to build on.”

White House Press Secretary dismisses impact of government shutdown on economy

Board approves permit allowing NSA parking lot downtown

What I found amazing was that there was a Board of Adjustment member who actually believed in personal property rights. Check this out. 

A few board members noted since the parking lot is privately owned, the school should be able to use it as it pleases, so long as city standards are met.

“If they wanted to board it up, if they wanted to barricade it off and just sit there and stare at an empty piece of dirt, they could absolutely do that, and that’s their right,” board member Mark Monson said.

Would that Moscow had more Board of Adjustment members who believed that private property didn’t belong to the public. 

South Jackson Street lot is owned by New Saint Andrews but is currently used by public

The Moscow Board of Adjustment unanimously approved a conditional-use permit Tuesday night that will allow New Saint Andrews College to designate an unregulated parking lot the school owns on South Jackson Street for its students and employees during regular business hours.

The approval partially satisfies the off-street parking requirement of the school’s newest location at the former Cadillac Jack’s building on North Main Street.

The institution obtained a CUP in 2017 with two conditions for it to move forward with converting the CJ’s building into a music conservatory for up to 300 students, including that it must provide 47 off-street parking spaces within a quarter mile of the CJ’s building. The school is allowed to phase in the parking, but 50 percent of the required spots must be available before the building can be occupied.
The parking lot is located at 421 S. Jackson St., just south of Canyon Creek Church and north of the NSA designated parking lot, which provides parking for the school’s existing campus near Friendship Square. The lot is 0.21 miles from the CJ’s building and is expected to provide 25 parking spaces.

Although the parking lot is owned by NSA, it has been unregulated, meaning the public has been able to use it.

VP Mike Pence to address Rose Dinner at this year’s March for Life


WASHINGTON, D.C., January 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Vice President Mike Pence will represent the Trump administration at the annual March for Life in the nation’s capital this week by delivering an address at the 37th annual Rose Dinner.

Held this year in the grand ballroom of the Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel, the Rose Dinner will follow the March for Life on the evening of January 18 and concludes the itinerary for the week.

Calling Pence’s participation a “great honor,” March for Life president Jeanne Mancini noted that the vice president previously “made history in 2017 when he addressed the March for Life just one week after the inauguration.”

“Throughout his extensive career, Vice President Pence has remained exemplary in his commitment to protecting the sanctity of unborn life and it is our utmost privilege to have a pro-life champion of his stature address this year’s Rose Dinner,” Mancini said.

The Trump administration’s support for and participation in the March for Life was an early sign of President Donald Trump’s support for the pro-life movement, and has persisted every year of his first term. Just days after being inaugurated, Trump criticized the mainstream media for neglecting the March in an interview with ABC’s David Muir.

Pence also delivered an address to the 2018 March in live-streamed remarks from the White House, as did the president himself.

The Rose Dinner will also feature former abortionist and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists fellow Dr. Kathi Aultman as keynote speaker, as well as music by Winchester jazz pianist Caleb Nei.

The 2018 March for Life promises another full slate of events and expects another massive turnout in Washington, D.C. LifeSiteNews will follow the March’s developments all throughout this week.

White House urges Congress to close immigration loopholes in wake of MS-13 stabbing in N.Y.

The White House is ramping up its push for immigration reform in the wake of recent MS-13 stabbings. In a tweet Monday, the Trump administration denounced a violent attack on two high school students in New York, which was carried out by suspected illegal alien teenagers.

The White House urged Congress to close the DACA loophole that is allowing underage criminals to be in the U.S.

White House urges Congress to close immigration loopholes in wake of MS-13 stabbing in N.Y.

Pentagon extends U.S. border mission as another migrant caravan leaves from Honduras

“There is another major caravan forming right now in Honduras and, so far, we’re trying to break it up, but, so far, it’s bigger than anything we’ve seen and a drone isn’t going to stop it,” he stated. “And a sensor isn’t going to stop it, but you know what’s going to stop it in its tracks — a nice, powerful wall.”

—President Trump

Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Buried in Snow and Ice – Relief organization chairman blames Global Warming

Snow lebanon 1200x630

Because, well, you know: global warming will freeze the Middle East …

The snowstorm “Norma” is battering Northeastern Lebanon with heavy snow, rain and strong winds affecting nearly 250,000 refugees. Hundreds of refugee camps and settlements in the area from the Akkar Plain to Bekaa Valley have been devastated by the storm. The camps house thousands of Syrian refugees in little more than tents and improvised wooden structures.…

…Flooding and heavy rains in Northern Syria, which started on December 26, have also devastated IDP camps across the region. Thousands of tents and the personal possessions of these IDPs were washed away, including medical supplies, wheel chairs and equipment. The people in these camps have lost what little they had left with no way of replacing them.

Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM International said, “Climate change has unleashed hellish conditions on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. These families are living in tents, with all their clothes and possessions soaked and temperatures below freezing. Children, elderly, the infirm and vulnerable will not survive much longer without being moved to warm and dry locations. This is a humanitarian nightmare and will require an enormous coordinated effort to reach all of these camps in time.”

Psychologists “Affirm Without Doubt” the Evidence for Imminent Climate Catastrophe

According to Psychology Today contributors Sara Gorman, Ph.D., MPH, and Jack M. Gorman, MD, psychologists are united in their determination to help climate “deniers” face the need for urgent climate action to prevent imminent human extinction, though they are uncertain about how to deliver group therapy to millions of people in the same session.

Climate Change Denial
Facing a reality too big to believe.

Posted Jan 12, 2019

Sara Gorman, Ph.D., MPH, and Jack M. Gorman, MD
Denying to the Grave

But there are also many points that are clear and not subject to legitimate debate. We can affirm without doubt that anthropogenic climate changeis a real phenomenon that is already apparent and will, if not mitigated, cause terrible suffering and destruction before this century is over. A recent report from the United Nations-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tells us we can still hope to avert some of the catastrophic consequences of climate change, but only if we “abandon coal and other fossil fuels in the next decade or two.”  Scientists may disagree about how fast the atmosphere is warming or what the best solutions are, but except for a small number of outliers, none doubt that we are rapidly approaching climate catastrophe.

That a few misguided politicians believe climate change predictions are exaggerated or even fabricated is lamentable. But perhaps more puzzling is the lack of alarm among the general public. As monumental hurricanes lash out in Houston and Puerto Rico and California forests burn out of control, it would seem that the evidence that climate scientists are right would be clear enough. Almost annually meteorologists tell us we have just experienced the warmest year in recorded history. Yet even people who experience extreme weather events often still refuse to report the experience as a manifestation of climate change. Polls tell us that many people are worried about climate change, but that does not seem to motivate much willingness to take action to mitigate it. Others deny that climate change is either occurring at all or that it represents any significant threat to civilization.

Too Large to Believe

Among the myriad reasons that we shun this problem is its enormity. We aren’t “merely” being told that unless we take action our identities will be stolen, we will lose thousands of dollars, or even that it will take a few years off our lives. What the climate scientists are telling us is that if we don’t stop burning fossil fuels the human race faces extinction. The fact is that many people born this year will not survive global warming if it continues at the current pace and exceeds 3.50C by 2050.

Climate change denial is in some ways a new mental process for psychologists to understand. Of course, the concept of denial itself is well understood. Psychologists consider denial—the refusal to accept facts in order to protect us from uncomfortable truths—to be a primitive defense mechanism.

But despite the fact that psychologists know a lot about denial, they have never had to face denial on this scale before. Millions of people share the phenomenon of climate denial. This is clearly not something that is amenable to individual or even group psychotherapy.

Organizations like Climate Psychiatry Alliance and Climate Psychology Alliance have been formed not only to point out the severe consequences of climate change for emotional and behavioral health but also to lend expertise in determining how best to overcome climate change denial. For these and similar organizations, climate change denial constitutes an emergencythat demands immediate attentionWe need urgent attention to developing and implementing the best practices for overcoming public despair and inaction and increasing the motivation to demand large-scale climate change mitigation action.

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Psychologists “Affirm Without Doubt” the Evidence for Imminent Climate Catastrophe