Australia Passes Controversial Encryption Bill Despite Opposition From Apple and Other Tech Companies

There’s an easy fix for this: Apple stops selling products in Australia. 

One of two things will happen: either the government will back down (a la France right now), or the black market will thrive; Australia will lose the tax revenue and Australians will still get their Apple products. 

But enough of cow-towing to such government shenanigans that affect the entire world. 

The Australian parliament on Thursday passed controversial encryption legislation that could result in tech companies being forced to give law enforcement access to encrypted customer messages. 

As wereportedin October, Apple opposed the legislation in aseven-page letterto the Australian parliament, calling the encryption bill “dangerously ambiguous” and wide open to potential abuse by authorities. 

Advocates of the bill, officially titled “Assistance and Access Bill 2018,” argue it is essential to national security because encrypted communications are used by terrorist groups and criminals to avoid detection. 

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