Attorney General Sessions to Unveil Changes to Asylum Rules, Reduce Reasons Used for Asylum


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to reduce the number of excuses people can use to claim asylum in an effort to halt abuse of the system.

In a speech to immigration judges in Virginia, Sessions revealed he will be making a decision Monday to ‘”restore the strong principles of asylum” and immigration law.

The attorney general noted the asylum system has been abused to the detriment of the rule of law, and is being flooded by invalid asylum claims.

‘”Credible fear claims have sky-rocketed and the percentage of asylum claims found to be meritorious by our judges has declined significantly,” stated the attorney general. “That’s because the vast majority of the current asylum claims we’re seeing are not valid and you’re not finding them valid.”

Sessions also pointed out the U.S. is not responsible for alleviating all the problems in the world, and told immigration judges his decision will provide more clarity to help them rule fairly.

If your country has gang problems, or if you are in a bad marriage, that’s not a reason for asylum in the USA.

Justice Department Says Domestic Abuse Is Not Grounds For Asylum

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is tightening the reigns on granting asylum. He issued an order Monday saying domestic violence alone isn’t reason enough for the U.S. to grant protection. And that could have major implications. “Asylum was never meant to alleviate all problems, even all serious problems, that people face every day all over the world,” Sessions said Monday.