Arctic “mission” aborted after only 15 days

It’s the end of summer. Al Gore promised that there would be a Northwest passage, ice-free. Uh-huh. 

To demonstrate just how dramatically Arctic ice has melted, polar explorer Pen Hadow has been attempting to lead a team, the Arctic Mission, to the North Pole on two 50-foot sailing yachts.

By reaching the North Pole, Hadow hoped he could make the world aware of how many arctic creatures will be adversely affected by the melting ice.

Hadow also hoped his trip to the North Pole would lead to “protecting OUR North Pole’s wildlife for the benefit of everyone.”

“We want to raise awareness of a situation that is upon us now and it’s about to get worse,” Hadow said.

“In our two 50-foot yachts we will be demonstrating to a global audience just how much open water there already is up there, where there used to be only sea ice. ”

Trouble is, the team has been blocked by too much sea ice and has had to turn back.

And they see nothing ironic about that?