And they tell us with a straight face that illegals don’t vote….

Governor Elect Gavin Newsom has proposed that all illegal aliens in California get Medicaid.  

That grin tells you he’s pleased he’s the new boss, with a super majority in the state legislature.   What mischief can he get up to next?

The political class in our state answers to the public entity unions and the illegal alien/Hispanic lobby, and no one else.

How long until the actual generators of wealth, the actual working citizens, rebel against this?   Or exit the state, accelerating the fiscal collapse that is probably already baked into the cake irrespective of whether these bills are passed or not?

The founding fathers, at the end of the 1700’s, knew that Democracies naturally and inevitably collapse when the voters discover that they can elect representatives who will use the power of the state to transfer the wealth of others to them.   That’s clearly what’s happening now in California.

As I was telling someone the other day, as the state becomes more and more desperate to pay for their fiscal obligations, they will become more and more desperate to seize the wealth of those people that create it.  That will accelerate the emigration outward of all productive people.  If you have property here, better sell it now.  Believe me, that has started already, and will only become more pronounced as the governing elite continue to attempt to buy the votes of the non productive with the wealth of the productive.