A Diem That Needs Some Carping

Doug Wilson on the current conflict between Israel and the United States. I pick it up in the middle of the argument

 … let me make some observations about the slap fight.

The thing that kicked this round of controversy off was America’s act of high, feckless cowardice at the Security Council. Abstain? If you are for it, then vote for it. If you are against it, then use your veto power. But to abstain is to take us back to those halcyon days when Obama would cover himself with glory by voting present on stuff. Obama was angling for some kind of deniability on the treachery involved in this when the whole world could see the treachery, despite the denials. If you are going to do a high-handed thing, then make sure you do it with a high-hand.

Second, until the Left figures out what just happened in the recent election, they really ought to stop doing things, particularly petulant things. This whole fiasco has provided the incoming president with a golden opportunity to defund the UN, or otherwise cripple it, in which case we all ought to celebrate and dance for joy. And under the current circumstances, it wouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. By misjudging the moment, Obama has created a circumstance in which he risked a queen to take a rook—and he will likely not get the rook, and he might lose the queen. This whole scenario could easily become a right-winger lotto binge. When leftie Democrats, conservatives, neo-cons, and other assorted types are all yelling in concert to have the UN building pushed into the East River, this is what a prudent man might call a golden opportunity. We might not pass this way again, friends. And when the stately Charles Krauthammer suggested—not finding fault with the building—that said building would be a great location for some Trump condos, I would only want to maintain that this is a diem that needs some carping.

Third, John Kerry said that Israel had to choose between being Jewish and being democratic. Over one and a half million Israeli citizens are Arab. Most are Muslim, and some are Christian. If Kerry were to get his second state, the Palestinian one, what percentage of the citizenry in that state would be Jewish? Ah, I see. It is all coming clear to me now. The apartheid mentality does not reside where we thought. And while I am on the subject, let us address the obvious fact that the smart set that we call international diplomats already created a Palestinian state called Jordan, and then promptly forgot that they had done so. Now they think they need another one.