MSNBC, the mouth of the Democratic Party, says there’s nothing to see here. Move along. 

Hillary’s collapse this morning, when her knees buckled and she fell toward the ground and had to be lifted into a van and rushed from the scene, is nothing of any consequence as far as at least some of the media is concerned. Any news or speculation that doubts the offical campaign statement is heretical.

Especially at MSNBC.


See for yourself. Look, nothing to see here. Move along. 

Hillary Clinton knees buckle, faints while rushed out 9/11 memorial (ANOTHER medical episode)

Hillary fainting while leaving early out of the 9/11 victims’ memorial in ground zero in NYC. Having her health in poor condition, probably taken to hospital with emergency. Her shoe fell under the van as she almost falls passed out on the floor, only prevented by staff who grabbed her.