40 targets in 16 countries: Scale of CIA-linked #Vault7 hacking tools revealed by Symantec


Hacking tools linked to the CIA in the recent WikiLeaks Vault 7 release were used to target at least 40 organizations in 16 countries, according to internet security firm Symantec.

The techniques detailed in Vault 7 were almost certainly developed and used by the same group, Symantec said Monday. The tech company has corroborated a number of the tool “development timelines” put forward by WikiLeaks.

While Symantec does not specifically mention the CIA – instead referring to the group responsible for the attacks as ‘Longhorn’ – the latest revelation gives further credence to WikiLeaks’ assertion that Vault 7 is part of the intelligence service’s “hacking tools”.

Security Response on Twitter

BREAKING: First evidence #Vault7 tools were used in known cyberattacks. Targets in 16 countries affected. https://t.co/Rrlu0OOAh1 #Longhorn

WikiLeaks on Twitter

Leading US anti-virus maker Symantec states that it has detected CIA infestation in 16 countries–including the US https://t.co/QQ7YtXFlYt