Yale grad students begin ‘symbolic’ hunger strike for benefits

Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up! 

Yale students go on a hunger strike to protest benefits. 

Except, when they get hungry, they eat. 

I guess this is how snowflakes do hunger strikes. 

Maybe Yale should give them ‘symbolic’ benefits? 

Yale grad students begin ‘symbolic’ hunger strike for benefits; CNN’s Jake Tapper mocks event

A group of Yale University graduate students are engaged in a “symbolic” hunger strike – rumbling stomachs may be filled with food – for better benefits. Student union Local 33 began a “collective fast” in front of University President Peter Salovey’s home on Tuesday.


News of their efforts for collective bargaining reached CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday when a former student shared a pamphlet given to participants.

And this:

“Update: the Yale grad student union is holding a *symbolic* hunger strike (they eat when hungry) Still inspirational,” Dimitri Halikias of Brookings’ Center for Children and Families tweeted on Wednesday.


“Yeah that’s not really how hunger strikes work,” responded Politico Editor in Chief Blake Hounshell.

“I eat when I’m hungry too but I don’t call it a hunger strike,” wrote Mr. Tapper.

The Yale College Republicans got them good. 

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