Woman: Train stabbings could have been prevented


Here’s the thing that I find fascinating. Demetria Hester came forward to tell what happened between her and Jeremy Christian. The reason she gives: President Trump. 

Here’s the crazy thing: Jeremy Christian was a Bernie Sanders supporter, not a Trump supporter. Now it’s Trump’s fault for the Democrats radicalizing their own? 

Police could have prevented the fatal stabbing of two men who came to the aid of teenage girls being harassed on Portland light-rail train if they had taken an earlier complaint against a white supremacist more seriously, a woman said Friday.

Demetria Hester, who is black, told reporters Jeremy Christian threw a bottle full of liquid at her May 25, the night before the fatal stabbings, after she complained about his racist words during a ride they shared. Hester sprayed Christian with mace, and she said transit police let him get away after he rinsed his face with water from a fountain.

“My heart just dropped,” Hester said of her reaction when learning her attacker was arrested in the fatal stabbings. “I can’t describe the feeling – disappointment, frustration, irritation…I told the police what he was going to do if they did not catch him.”


Though Hester’s confrontation happened nearly three months ago, she chose to speak as the nation grapples with last weekend’s deadly confrontation at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

“The president,” she said when asked why she’s breaking her silence now.

Via the AP.