WikiLeaks or US Intelligence?: CNBC journalist trolled for asking ‘who Americans believe’


CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood, whose cosy relationship with the Clinton campaign was exposed in the Podesta Leaks, asked which source Americans believe regarding the hacking of the Democratic National Committee – WikiLeaks or US Intelligence.

Harwood, who is also a contributor for the New York Times, launched the poll on Thursday and it received more than 19,000 votes within 14 hours.

John Harwood on Twitter

Who do you believe America?

WikiLeaks is, so far, hugely surpassing US Intelligence officials, accumulating 74 per cent of the vote. Only a quarter of those polled say they believe US Intelligence officials.

Several mails between Harwood and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta were exposed in the Podesta emails released online by WikiLeaks ahead of the November election. A search for John Harwood in the tranche of Podesta emails garners more than 200 results.

The data published by WikiLeaks is also alleged by US intelligence agencies to be part of a Russian campaign to interfere with the US election.

WikiLeaks on Twitter

CNBC/NYTimes ‘journalist’ John Harwood, who was exposed in #PodestaEmails helping Clinton, takes a poll

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