Warren Threatens to Go After ‘Every Senator’ that Voted to Confirm Sessions as Attorney General


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) made it well-known her distaste for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) during the congressional hearings on his nomination for President Donald Trump’s attorney general.

After Sessions was confirmed by the Senate Wednesday night, Warren went off on Twitter, writing that she feels “deeply disappointed” in her fellow congressmen and women.

Elizabeth Warren on Twitter

Deeply disappointed that the Senate confirmed an AG whose record does not show he will faithfully & fairly enforce the law.

She called Sessions racist, sexist, and a bigot.

Elizabeth Warren on Twitter

If Jeff Sessions makes even the tiniest attempt to bring his racism, sexism & bigotry into @TheJusticeDept, he’ll hear from all of us.

Elizabeth Warren on Twitter

There’s no Rule 19 to silence me from talking about Jeff Sessions anymore. So let me say loudly & clearly: This is just the beginning.

She even threatened to go after “every Senator” who voted to confirm Sessions and his “radical hatred into the Justice Department.”

Elizabeth Warren on Twitter

And you better believe every Senator who voted to put Jeff Sessions’s radical hatred into @TheJusticeDept will hear from all of us, too.