VA chief: Could be delays in veterans’ health care

NewImageThis is what socialized medicine and Obamacare will look like. 

Anyone who has ever had to get medical care under a socialized system compared to ours will know how great we have it. 

In a fresh warning, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said Wednesday there could potentially be delays in providing medical care to tens of thousands of veterans if lawmakers don’t act soon to approve billions in emergency funding for the ailing private-sector Choice program.

In a statement, Shulkin said he was heartened by several congressional bills that would provide longer-term fixes to the Department of Veterans Affairs program by giving veterans wider freedom to see private doctors at taxpayers’ expense. But pointing to the lack of a clear consensus so far, Shulkin made clear he would be “open” to emergency short-term funding from Congress for now “to ensure our veterans receive uninterrupted care.”

In other words, allowing veterans to seek private medical services vice government-run ones. Priceless.