University of Georgia Professor Allows Students to Choose Own Grades to Avoid Undue Stress

A professor at the University of Georgia is implementing a so-called “stress reduction policy” that allows his students to choose their own grades and opt out of group assignments “in order to avoid” any “emotional reactions to stressful situations.”

Business professor Rick Watson is asking his “MIST4610 Data Management” students to email him if they “feel unduly stressed by a grade.” According to his policy, he is offering students the opportunity to email him the grade they feel they deserve — “and it will be so changed,” no questions asked.

When it comes to group assignments, if a student feels stressed by the “dynamics” of a group, that person can outright leave and opt out of group work altogether, teaching our future generation of workers how not to deal with difficult situations or people they share disagreements with.

Well, that’s really training them for life.