Unitarian Universalist Church Changes Logo To ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Do you know what you get when you cross a Mormon with a Unitarian Universalist? Someone who knocks on your door but has nothing to say. 

The Unitarian Universalist Association revealed its new logo to much buzz and fanfare Friday morning. Replacing its previous logo consisting of a flaming chalice, the new logo is a shrugging emoji man, said to represent the religious group’s lack of certain belief in any doctrine or creed at all.

“We wanted our new logo to send a strong message about what we believe,” UUA President Reverend Peter Morales told reporters gathered in front of a large banner with the new logo, unfurled just moment before. “And we have no idea what we believe, really. So the shrugging man is the perfect, strong symbol for our confused congregations to rally behind.”

“I mean, I think anyway. I’m not super sure if it is, or not. I guess it’s a toss-up,” he added pensively, extending his arms outward in a shrug.

When asked if Association churches would be forced to use the new logo, Morales paused for a moment to gather his thoughts before responding, “Um, no. I don’t think so—or maybe I do? That doesn’t sound like something we would do, anyway.”

Several different-colored iterations of the new logo were reportedly unveiled, as well as a completely blank logo for those congregations unwilling to make such a bold statement about their beliefs.

Via Babylon Bee