U. Florida Instructor: Patriotism Suggests Black Americans are ‘Uncivilized’

“drenched in whiteness and hegemonic masculinity”

College Instructor: Patriotism Suggests Black Americans Are ‘Uncivilized’

A University of Florida instructor claimed that patriotism is “drenched in whiteness” and suggests that black Americans are “uncivilized” and “un-American” in a study discovered Thursday. The Journal of Ethnic Studies published graduate student instructor Dr. Micah Johnson’s study, entitled “The paradox of black patriotism: double consciousness,” in late May, according to Campus Reform.


Johnson discusses interviews he conducted with 22 black Americans, many of whom he says opposed the concept of patriotism.

“The prevailing conception of patriotism, that I call hegemonic patriotism, is drenched in whiteness and hegemonic masculinity,” said the instructor. “It casts whites as exclusively the true Americans, responsible for all of the nation’s greatness and none of its failures. These meanings imply that blacks are abnormal, illegitimate, uncivilized, and un- American.”

Johnson cited studies asserting that Americans who are southern, older and belong to “socially dominant groups” are more likely to feel patriotic and that whites have felt more patriotic than whites for more than 30 years.