Trump wants to steer UN climate cash to building coal plants

Watch the wording here carefully. Via Bloomberg

The U.S. will seek to use a United Nations fund designed to aid nations hard hit by climate change to promote the construction of coal-fired power plants around the world.

The U.S. already donated $1 billion to the so-called Green Climate Fund, and it can now use its seat on that board to advance American-energy interests globally, a White House official said.

Notice the word “donation”. Transferring $1 billion US taxpayer dollars is not a donation.

Former President Barack Obama pledged $3 billion for the initiative, though he only provided a third of that before leaving the White House.

Constitutionally, the President of the US does not control any money. The pursestrings belong to congress. How can Obama come up with $3 billion on his own and make such a pledge? And how did he come up with $1 billion taxpayer dollars and transfer it to Paris? 

If congress wanted to do something worthwhile, they’d track this down and make Obama pay back every penny he spent illegally.