Transgender activist agrees with Donald Trump’s military ban, says ‘We should be disqualified’

They argue that just as with diabetics and asthmatics who are medically reliant (and who are medically disqualified), transgenders are also medically reliant and should be disqualified. Via CT

Edie Dixon was born a male in a conservative Catholic family in Cuba but now identifies as a transwoman and, similar to Jenner, is an open Trump supporter.  She even claims to have been rejected by the LGBT community in Portland because she wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap to show her support for Trump.

But unlike Jenner, who attacked Trump over his military ban, Dixon thinks it’s right.

She explained her surprising position to The Blaze arguing that transgender people are no more entitled to be in the military than people who suffer from diabetes or asthma. 

Dixon even said she is ‘very satisfied’ with the policy and doesn’t think it’s a sign Trump is anti-LGBT.  

‘We are no better than diabetics. We are no better than asthmatics. We should be disqualified at enlistment because we are medically reliant,’ she told Blaze TV.

She said: ‘This is Trump showing he is a president for equality, because this isn’t about transgender people, this is about transgender treatment.’