To Dodge Border Crisis, NY Times Pins Cartel Killings on Religion

I was trying to figure out what this had to do with their Mormonism. As I expected, it was a sleight-of-hand trick.

A.D. Mikkhi/ Sixx on Twitter

@nytimes Until someone coughs up evidence that the drug cartel members checked for their victims’ Fundie ID cards before killing them, I’m going to say this is a drug cartel violence problem, not a Fundie problem.

Matt Walsh on Twitter

This honestly might be the most disgraceful stunt the New York Times has ever pulled. And that is saying quite a lot.

Adam Trahan on Twitter

Thanks @nytimes. For a second there, I thought it was the murderous cartel’s fault that six children were burned alive while their mothers were raped, then shot rather than Mormonism. Silly me.


Logan Hall on Twitter

six children were murdered and this is how the new york times chose to cover it. pathetic.

Breaking news coming out of Mexico detailed the horrific cartel killings of an American family, which, astonishingly, The New York Times tried to pin on (get ready for it) fundamentalist religion. Specifically, the Mormon faith.

Mexico Cartel Killings Family Members STR AFP Getty 1024 600.

An American family living in Mexico was ambushed and massacred by a cartel, with three women and six children murdered. The scene as described by surviving family members is horrific:

“They described a terrifying scene in which one child was gunned down while running away, while others were trapped inside a burning car. Two of the children killed were less than a year old, the family members said. The car they were in with their mother was set ablaze.”

In one article, the family is described as being part of a “fundamentalist Mormon community,” while in another the spotlight is on the victims’ faith.

In fact, a quick Google search of the NY Times coverage of the tragedy yielded the following headlines on articles put up at various times during the day by the Times: “9 Members of Mormon Family in Mexico Are Killed in Ambush,” “A Storied Mormon Family Reels After Mexico Murders,” “What We Know About the Killing of 9 Mormon Family” and “US Victims in Mexico Attack From Mormon Offshoot Community.”

In between these headlines, another mainstream media source, NBC chimed in with its own coverage: “Slain U.S. citizens were part of Mormon offshoot with sordid history,” which detailed, well, the “sordid history” of the group which they called a “cult.”