Thoughts on White Nationalism

NewImageWell said! From Lincoln Davis Wilson: 

1: The best thing Trump could have said about the alt-right was what he’s said about ISIS–they’re not “monsters,” they’re “losers.” Call them monsters and you give them exactly what they want: power, influence. Call them losers, and you give them the one thing they cannot bear: castration. And when one of them, like Fields, attempts to prove his power with violence, what is needed in response is not the hot violence of the crowd, which only emboldens, but the cold violence of the State through the courts of law.

We have experience with this here in North Idaho, where, some 20 years ago, Richard Butler led the Aryan Nations movement out of Hayden. Though he was an embarrassment to the entire region, he was permitted–as was his constitutional right–to lead his little parades amid the eye-rolls and taunts of the rest of the community. He ran for mayor and suffered the public humiliation of winning only the votes inside his compound. And when his movement acted out in violence, shooting at Native Americans passing by the compound, they earned the just reward of their actions through a massive, bankrupting civil judgment. He died in 2004 not a glorious martyr, but a pathetic failure, and his movement largely died with him.

Let Richard Spencer and his crew repent or perish in the same ignominy.