Thirsty priests: Welsh pub renames beer after mistaking seminarians for stag do in fancy dress

I mentioned earlier about the seven Welsh priests who walked into a bar and were refused service because the bouncer thought they were dressed up for a stag party. 

I’m sure that the bar is getting excellent publicity over that. And they are surfing that wave. 

The Cardiff pub which initially turned away a group of seven seminarians because they were mistaken for a stag party in fancy dress has renamed one of its beers, calling it ‘Thirsty Priests’.

Brains, the company which owns the City Arms Pub in Cardiff, Wales, said that re-naming one of the seminarian’s favourite beers was a small thank you for the group’s good humour at being turned away by a member of the bar staff before being ushered back to the bar by a manager.

‘We wanted to do something as a “thank you” to the priests for taking the misunderstanding in such good spirits,’ said Lewis, according to Wales Online.

The ‘Rev James’ beer was renamed the ‘Thirsty Priests,’ with the slogan ‘saving souls and satisfying thirsts’ and added to the pub’s taps over the weekend. It is described as a ‘rich, warming ale with a clean, rewarding finish’.

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