The Identity Politics of the Left

I just posted about the white identity politics of the Alt-Right

The Alt-Right has identity politics founded on being white. Anyone on the right should simply denounce them. Don’t hold back. 

I wanted to look at the parallels over at the Alt-Left. They have identity politics just as vile, and the Democrats and the leftists should denounce them equally. But we’re not seeing that. When was the last time you heard a Democrat denounce the antics of Antifa? Of BLM? 

Look at Antifa; the Marxism they have been pushing. BLM riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. Violent Alt-Left riots in Berkeley, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Richmond, and Charlottesville are all either ignored, downplayed, or embraced. The SJW and these other hard-left groups are also pushing identity politics. These are anti-white movements. 

I’m guessing that the Dems think they cannot win back elections without this constituency. It will come back to bite them in the butt as much as the Republicans not distancing themselves from the Alt-Right is doing now. 

We have barbarians on the left and barbarians on the right. God help us.