Ted Moffett Pushing for Category 6 Hurricanes

NewImageThis is so absurd, and shows the logic and agenda of Moscow’s progressives. Tod Moffett writes: 

Just six days ago I attended climate scientist David Goodrich’s (Ph.D. in Oceanography from Stony Brook University) presentation at the U of I regarding his new book “A Hole in the Wind” and climate science issues. The power of Hurricane Harvey and its relation to global warming was a topic, thus I discussed the potential need to add a new hurricane classification to the Saffir-Simpson scale for hurricane strength, currently from one to five at wind speeds of 74, 96, 111, 130, and 157 maximum sustained winds.

I mentioned discussion of adding a level six, perhaps around 180 mph sustained winds, especially given ongoing anthropogenic global warming increasing hurricane strength.

A Category 5 hurricane implies “catastrophic damage.” 

When asked about a Category 6, the National Hurricane Center’s Dennis Flegen told CBC News that “once you say catastrophic and there’s near complete damage, why do you need a 6?”

You only need a Category 6 to pursue your political agenda. Not for the sake of science. 

Hurricane Irma hit the Florida mainland as a Category 3 hurricane; this was not the Hurricane-zilla that the progressives hoped it would be.

Someone who only has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy should not be pontificating on meteorology. At least not without his waders on.