SNL Asked Who Should Host An Episode, and the Fans Respond “Gary Johnson”

At the end of last month, SNL reached out to its fans, and asked who should host the show next. The responses varied, but one continuing answer the show received was none other than Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson.

Suggestions for Gary Johnson to host the show have received hundreds of likes, and there’s even a push on the Gary Johnson subreddit to direct people to weigh in.

While some would love to see Johnson host the show, some fear it may distract him too much from his campaign, as being an SNL host requires seven days of rehearsals. Some suggest Gary Johnson should only appear on the show for a dedicated sketch, as Hillary Clinton did.

Regardless, Johnson appearing on the show would do much for his visibility, which is a lot of the problem any 3rd party candidate has. Johnson’s poll numbers are much larger than any 3rd party candidate’s has been in 20 years, and if the Libertarian party wants to arrive into the mainstream, there’s no better time than now.

Via RedState