Report: Roy Moore Accuser Worked For Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign

NewImageI’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you, to find out that Moore’s accuser worked for Clinton! 

But false accusations by Democrats just make them into celebrates. Look at Anita Hill, who has nothing going for her but her false accusations against Clarence Thomas. 

One of the women accusing Senate Candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, reportedly has ties to the democratic party.

According to a report released on Friday, 34-year-old Deborah Wesson Gibson worked for Hilary Clintons failed 2016 presidential campaign and other democrat politicians.

She reportedly provided sign language interpretation services for Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden and at least two democratic senators.

In addition, the accuser indicated her support for Moore’s opponent on social media weeks before she made her allegations.

Earlier on Saturday at a Veterans Day event, Judge Moore disavowed the claims as politically motivated.

Moore also pointed out the allegations were published as polls showed him with a double digit lead over his opponent.