Report: Muslim Brotherhood Paying People to Protest in Europe

I’m not sure if they are taking a page out of Soros’ playbook; or vice versa. Via Clarion

Dalia Ziada is coordinator of the campaign to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a worldwide terrorist organization. She argues the Muslim Brotherhood believes this is the right time to reopen its international coalitions to gain influence with the international community. She says they are getting help from human rights organizations such as Amnesty to organize protests in European capitals and to get licenses for these protests. These organizations have gathered volunteers in the past to demonstrate under the slogans of freedom and human rights.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has a net of dozens of charity and women’s rights organizations and uses them to act freely. They are taking advantage of the people who belong to these organizations and their volunteers. They also pay people to support them, especially poor people in Islamic communities. In addition they are telling them that the purpose of these demonstrations is to defend Islam and the sharia. Millions of dollars are being spent. One protest can cost $50,000. The people who fund these protests are usually businessmen from Qatar or Turkey who appear as independent donors to the MB organizations in America and Europe but actually they are being paid by the governments in Turkey and Qatar to give this support through an indirect channel.”

Hisham a-Najjar, an Islamic researcher, concurs. He says that those behind the protests are interested in keeping the Muslim Brotherhood active to prove they still exist, especially to European countries. He thinks this is so these countries won’t make decisions contrary to the interests Qatar and other countries that support terror.

Ahmad al-Enani, a member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, says the main funders of these coalitions are Qatar and Turkey. He accuses them of trying to slander the regime in Egypt, adding they are supported by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

He also said the Brotherhood uses foreign companies for PR and to coordinate these activities. He thinks these companies belong to Qatari and Turkish businessmen and they are related to their governments.

He claims billions of dollars are being spent to make international propaganda for the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated coalitions.