Rep. Steve Scalise Responds To DOJ Inspector General’s Findings On FISA Abuse

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Democrats] are impeaching [@realDonaldTrump] because they are afraid he’ll get re-elected. That’s not why you have the power of impeachment, that’s the abuse of power.” -@SteveScalise


Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.) said some people should go to jail, following the release of the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report. The House minority whip expressed concern over the findings in an interview Tuesday. He said anyone who abuses their power, whether it be law enforcement or lawmakers, should be held accountable.

Rep. Scalise reiterated that the Justice Department watchdog listed 17 instances of abuse of the FISA court process by FBI officials. The agency used uncorroborated evidence to obtain warrants used to improperly surveil the 2016 Trump campaign and its adviser Carter Page.

“The FISA court is controversial, there are people who don’t support it,” he stated. “It’s an effective tool against terrorism, but it’s got to be used effectively and properly…otherwise it can be abused and was abused…which means it jeopardizes our national security.”

Scalise went on to say he hopes Attorney General William Barr takes a deeper look into the matter and follows the Inspector General’s recommendations. He’s also calling Democrats’ impeachment inquiry a “sham,” and said it shows they are scared the American people will reelect the president in 2020.