Questions for police chief


Good afternoon chief. I just read a story about the arrest of Sean and Rachel Bohnet and have to say that I am very disappointed to see this type of police activity being done in the great state of Idaho. I am very curious as to what crime these two people were charged with and when that law was voted into place by the Idaho legislature.

I am also curious as to the oath of office that you and your jackbooted thugs repeated while you were all being sworn in as law enforcement officers. I am pretty sure it did not say that you would violate the civil rights of the people that you were hired to serve. Or is it that you only serve your masters and do what it is that they tell you to do, in order to protect your job, paycheck and retirement?

I should remind you that a citizen does not need to show a police officer their identification unless there is suspicion of a crime being committed. I will ask you again, what crime was the officer investigating in order to justify demanding identification? I would also like to ask you to respond to the allegations in regards to the wedding that the mayor of Moscow and some of the Moscow Police officers attended, where people were not wearing masks.

Wouldn’t this be construed as a two-tier justice system and that what is good for the people is not good for the politicians and police? I truly hope a day comes when the people that have been falsely arrested file a civil lawsuit and name every one of your officers involved, their supervisory staff, the jailers, the jailer’s supervisory staff, yourself and the city for the violation of their rights.

You sir, are a disgrace to the badge that you wear and to the profession of law enforcement.

Jason Trabakoolas